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GVSU Votes! Campus Coalition

The GVSU Votes! Campus Coalition is a nonpartisan group of campus and community stakeholders who work collaboratively to elevate student voices through increasing student democratic engagement at GVSU.

We focus on four outcome areas:

Voter Registration

Make registering to vote as simple and accessible as possible to every student.

Voter Education

Empower students with the information they need about candidates, ballot initiatives and the voting process.

Voter Turnout

Mobilize students to vote and make access to the polls as easy as possible.

Civility and Dialogue

Provide opportunities to debate and discuss divisive issues in ways that are productive and civil.

Girl holding up GVSU votes sign
Two girls holding up GVSU votes signs

The GVSU Votes Campus Coalition will reconvene in 2022. Check back for more info soon!

Important Documents:

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Melissa Baker-Boosamra (bakerbme@gvsu.edu) in the Office of Student Life (1110 KC).

Page last modified April 22, 2022