Opportunity Title
Green Team Waste Bin Monitoring

Opportunity Type
On Going

Duties of Volunteer
Green Team volunteers will report to specified Campus Dining locations to volunteer. Students will stand by waste bins and monitor them by talking with patrons of dining locations and educating them on how to properly dispose of waste. Students get paid in debit dollars, although they can also do this without being paid if they are looking for volunteering hours.

Deadline to register
April 30, 2018

Mara Spears

Details of special training
Volunteers will be required to volunteer for two 30 minute increments with a returning location leader. The student will be given a key to help them understand the waste stream and will be shown how to properly approach and educate peers. Students will work with a location leader for two thirty minute increments, after which they can choose to monitor on their own once they feel comfortable enough. Students are required to attend one Green Team meeting to schedule their volunteering hours and location.

Details of special skills

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