Web-Based Surveys


The department of statistics through the SCC supports survey based research by maintaining a GOLD SurveyMonkey (Enhanced security (SSL)) account. All survey data are stored on a password protected "Ldrive" and  staff  with access to the account are required to sign a confidentiality consent form [CCF]. The protocol for supporting survey-based research is as follows:

  • Client to contact the statistical consulting center by completing the form at this link:REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE

  • Client to meet with SCC staff to go over draft survey instrument.

  • Client to provide a revised set of questions electronically to enable copying/pasting into the web browser.

  • Client to specify/explain any special skip logic between questions/pages in the survey instrument.

  • SCC staff help setup/design survey online using SurveyMonkey and provide the link to client for review and recommend corrections as appropriate.

  • SCC staff provide the live SurveyMonkey link to client for distribution to their target sample/population OR client provides emails of target population to be surveyed to the scc staff  for survey distribution. 

  • SCC staff provide the SurveyMonkey link to client  to download the survey results when data collection period expires.

  • SCC staff offer client the option of assisting with data analysis.

Additional Information

  • To determine the desired sample size~GPower3
  • Please indicate on your IRB application protocol that you intend to use the SCC as outlined above. A quick read~HRRC Guide
  • If your research project involves the GVSU population~GVSU Popn for  additional information.
  • The best way to write good survey questions is to pilot test and re-write. An article appearing in the International Journal of Market Research gives great advice about questionnaire design.  A summary of 10 things to look out for are outlined in this YouTube video: Survey Design Video.
  • Power and Sample Size Calculations


Page last modified December 18, 2016