The Consultation team is made up of Statistics faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Under the supervision of the center director, the Biostatistics/Data Science graduate students and Statistics undergraduate students (Collaborators) get the opportunity to work with researchers across GVSU and its environs. Students are given the opportunity to learn through engagement by leading certain aspects of the project. The SCC is funded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) to pay salaries of undergraduate students and to have a faculty member get half time release. Graduate Assistants are funded by the university via The Graduate School. The Department of Statistics provides necessary office supplies. All SCC staff  are required to sign a confidentiality consent form [CCF]


Sango Otieno, Ph.D.

  • Applications and Expertise: statistical consulting, directional data




Stat Majors/Grad Students in Applied Statistics/Biostatics/Data Science

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