Research Projects For STA 419

Perhaps you've been collecting data, but you are just not sure what to do with it. Or maybe, you have a research project that you've started, but it just doesn't seem to get finished.

You can request help from the students in STA 419, our statistical consulting class. The STA 419 students are familiar with a variety of procedures including chi-square, t-tests, regression, ANOVA, and nonparametric tests; and to a lesser extent they are familiar with advanced techniques, such as factor and discriminant analyses. The STA 419 students are undergraduate students and, for many, this is the first time they are serving in a consulting capacity. So, while the student will be providing some statistical support, you will be making a valuable contribution to the student's education.

The STA 419 instructor will supervise the work being done by the student and will provide the necessary technical guidance to the student. However, the primary consultation will be between you and the student, and in fairness to the student you will need to be available throughout the semester to provide direction. By the end of the semester, the student consultant will provide you with a written summary of his or her involvement in the study.

To request the services offered by this course, please complete the assistance request form provided at the following link:Research Project FORM at your earliest convenience. Priority is given to requests made by the end of the third week of the Fall/Winter semester.


  • Kay Hart
  • Phone: 616-331-3355 
  • Fax: 616-331-2910
  • Office: MAK A-1-178 Mackinac Hall 

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