Make an Appointment / Inquiry

Making an appointment to meet with a team of statisticians from the Consulting Center is a two step process.  Also, note that we appreciate if you submit your Appointment Request at least 3 business days in advance and encourage you to review our POLICIES.

Below is a table indicating the hours of the week during which face-to-face consulting is potentially available. Statistical consulting is most effective in person, so email consulting is not available, though email will be available for communication. Walk-in consulting is also not available, as preparation is needed to best make use of meeting time. Click for Guest Parking information.

Options for Consultation

SPRING/SUMMER 2024: MAY 6TH ---AUGUST 6TH ~~~Click schedule to Make Appointment

Step 2: Complete the Appointment Request Form

  • Compare the above schedule to your own schedule. We are working during the “OPEN” hours, however, there may already be appointments scheduled.
  • Select at least 2 most preferred meeting days and times. You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment is scheduled on our calendar with a request to send data (if available) with variable descriptions as well as the research questions to help inform our meeting time. Plan early and book your appointment 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure our availability. Include these days/times (with your preferred day/time marked) in the Appointment Request FORM. Click for  Guest Parking information.

Page last modified April 18, 2024