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Claire Piesiak

Claire Piesiak

"I've always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. After deciding I wanted to attend GVSU during my junior year of high school, I knew I made the perfect choice before I even got there. When the first semester finally came around, I couldn't be any happier to have picked such a great college with even more amazing people, professors, and fellow employees. After starting my job, having my first day of classes, and just starting to get a grip on everything, I decided to check out the Rec Center. Little did I know, it was soon to become my second home. I started with a plan, fit my workouts around my class and work schedule, and made my experience one to never forget. Besides school, bodybuilding, lifting, and Intramural Sand Volleyball were my main focuses of my 1st year. Now, after battling with some health issues and have a major surgery, I'm currently recovering and just doing my best to make sure I'll be back to GVSU and the Rec in no time.

I participate in Campus Rec programs and services because I'm always interested in bettering myself, my health, and helping others better themselves too. Participating is a great way to meet new friends, make memories, get fun workouts in, and take a well-deserved mental break from school as well. Regardless of what year you're in, it's never too late to start participating, building relationships, and bettering your health at GV.

If anyone were to ask me about my favorite part of GVSU, I would no doubt tell them Intramural Sports and working out at the Rec Center! When I first started going and applied it to my daily routine, I noticed I had so much more energy, I was happier, my anxiety got better, and I slept better at night. Beach Volleyball was the first IM Sport I joined, and I'll never forget all of the great people I met throughout the games, especially since we all became even better friends outside of the sport as well."

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