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Kit Toenniges

Kit Toenniges

"One of the biggest transitions from high school to college was that I was no longer involved in sports. I needed to find a new way to stay active, and Campus Recreation was that new way for me. After attending tons of group exercise classes, I fell in love with Spin and decided to become an Instructor! Three years later, I still teach Spin weekly at the Rec and have become certified with the Fitness and Wellness Center! I love educating others in how to live their best and healthiest lives! Thanks to Campus Recreation I am happy, healthy, and prepared for whatever comes next!

Group Exercise classes really shaped my experience at GVSU. Freshman year, my friends and I would all get together and make a whole outing out of attending Zumba or Spin. We had a blast, and it was a great way to meet new people! After becoming a Group Ex Instructor, I have met so many more amazing people along the way. Teaching has really become on of the highlights of my week. I love energizing and educating people on how to live their best and healthiest lives. Because of Campus Rec, I have gained tons of great experience that will benefit me with my future career in health and wellness!"



"I unplug by always keeping my phone on silent so I am not distracted every time it dings or vibrates. This helps me stay more present in the moment and feel less anxiety about my list of to-dos or people who need me." 

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