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Angie Cena

Angie Cena

"Campus Recreation provided me with a way to stay active throughout college while also having fun. Whether it was attending Zumba after class, or playing Intramural Soccer with my friends at night under the lights on the turf field. My best memories from my time at GVSU will always be focused around Campus Recreation programs. I participated in Campus Recreation programs because I was always a competitive person growing up, playing every sport in the book. I loved that when I came to GVSU, they had programs that allowed me the chance to continue to compete and play with my friends. Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports undoubtedly changed my experience at GVSU in the best way possible. My fondest memories from college come from those late nights spent out at Intramural Sports, whether it was participating with friends or working on-site as a supervisor. Overall, Campus Recreation has given me countless memories and friendships that I will take with me into this next chapter of my life. As well as the 2013 Kickball Championship. (OH YEAH!)"

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