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JaJuan Collins

JaJuan Collins

"The Campus Rec privileges I have received this year has been great to me! I have been able to stay active after work and continue working on my physical and mental health. Plus, it's just FUN. I have met some cool people in the Rec Center that actually look forward to seeing me there. I feel like the environment is pretty relaxed as well, so it makes it easier to be productive and just get things done.

I participate in Campus Rec programs, services, and events because I love being active. Since I have graduated college, I am no longer a college athlete, which means I have to force myself to stay in that mindset, rather than depending on a coach to hold me accountable. I have been able to teach myself to be a bit more disciplined when it comes to my own self.

My involvement with Campus Rec has given me more energy to do other things. I have escaped "lazy mode" and now been more willing to try other things outside of the Rec Center. I got involved in a basketball league that I am happy about, and I am able to be satisfied with the results that come along with it.

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Page last modified April 10, 2019