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Brennan Burk

Brennan Burk

Interest Area(s)
Public Health

What does recreation mean to you?
Recreation means taking a break from the mundane, everyday tasks that we as students are expected to do. It means having fun and being active in any way that we see fit in order to bring us joy.

Why do you participate in Recreation & Wellness programs, services, or events?
I participate in Rec and Wellness programs because they allow me to be the healthiest version of myself. They also are incredibly fun and a great way to meet people that you otherwise may never have met.

How has your involvement in Recreation & Wellness impacted your experience at GVSU?
I'm in just my first year at Grand Valley (and West Michigan), and arriving during a pandemic wasn't exactly the best time to meet people and build connections. Rec and Wellness has allowed me to meet new people (safely, of course) and given me the opportunity to help make a difference on our campus and in our community through health promotion.

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