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Allison Stears

Allison Stears

Group Exercise Instructor, Event Staff, Fitness & Wellness Center Clerical

"I came to college looking for a way to continue being physically active (I've been a dancer for 17 years). I instantly found Group Exercise as my home and a way to get stronger (physically and mentally). I learned that being "fit" means being strong! Because of that, I am now a Group Exercise Instructor at GVSU Rec! It is my way to work out, stress relieve, get stronger, make new friends, and live a healthier life! I love being able to educate others and help them be physically active so they can live a healthier life as well! I have found a place where my passion meets my work in a way that I can help others. I wouldn't be where I am without the opportunities that Campus Rec has given me. I've grown at an instructor and as a person by learning how to take care of myself and helping others do the same! I have found activities that make me happy while keeping me healthy!" 

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