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Hannah Stoliker

Hannah Stoliker

GVSU Student, Campus Recreation Marketing & Events Assistant

"Being active allows me to say yes to new adventures. When family and friends ask me to go backpacking, hike a new trail, or bike a new route, I don't want my health to be the thing that keeps me from saying yes. Valuing fitness and wellness gives me the ability to participate in the adventures this world offers and trust that my body will be able to handle them. Whether I'm tired or just uninspired, a good workout always puts me in a good mood. Exercise not only improves my physical strength, but also my mental strength; even the smallest exercise accomplishment leaves me feeling empowered. As gross as it sounds, I have a love of sweat because it is a tangible product of the hard work I put in. Participating in Campus Recreation programs, especially group exercise classes, has also helped me make new connections and relationships. Those new friends have made GVSU feel more like home." 

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