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Matt Jemilo

Matt Jemilo

"I was born with a heart murmur as a child and told I should avoid exercise and even getting too excited was a danger to my health. Now at 25, I've competed in multiple national track meets, met some of my best friends through athletics, and even got certified as a personal trainer!

Life gets stressful no matter what stage you find yourself in, and I've found there's something soothing about turning your brain off for an hour to workout. Whether it be playing pickup volleyball or squatting to finally touch the rim, I've found it all to settle my mind regardless of what's going on.

I started at GVSU the summer of 2017, and I was blown away by our Rec facilities, which only reinforced my decision to come here. There's several people I work out with here during the week, and it's deepened all of those relationships much more than grabbing coffee would!"

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