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Joseph-Banashee Cadreau

Joseph-Banashee Cadreau

"As a first generation and nontraditional student, I have been able to create a voice and space for marginalized students. From my academic success to my involvement all over campus in leadership roles and student organizations to my involvement in the community outside of GVSU, I try to fully embrace and practice the "Laker Effect". My success story is wrapped in the "Laker Effect" by creating equity for GVSU's marginalized student populations by whatever means necessary and through leadership roles, policy input, and being a voice for those who may not be able to. 

I participate in Campus Recreation for one simple reason. In my opinion, no other department besides admissions has the ability to influence any students' experience on campus at GVSU. Campus Recreation has the potential to impact every student's life during their academic journey.

Involvement with Campus Recreation has positively impacted my experience at GVSU, and it's an awesome department! The staff are all about the student and making it as comfortable and convenient as possible for the students. The many different services that Campus Rec offers makes GVSU a special and unique campus. Campus Rec is really equipped to lead the way and set the new standards for what a Campus Recreation department can truly do- to promote, encourage and maintain a healthy life style for its students, staff, faculty, and alumni."

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