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I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving break! I hope you were able to relax, eat yummy foods, and/or spend time with loved ones as I know I did! While on break I got to thinking about what my next post would be, and with all the holiday foods and family time I was reminded by the diet talk that comes along with this time of year. The talk of calories and weight are everywhere as we tend to enjoy more diverse foods. No matter where you are, or who you are, it's hard to not get reeled into this type of thinking. However, it's important to remember the basics and the actual science! That's where I come in to help remind you when you start to hear that diet culture talk! 

There’s a lot of talk about calories around this time of year and how we need to “watch” how many calories we are eating. However, it is important to keep in mind your eating behaviors and how your body feels in relation. Many times people think that our bodies don’t need many calories or that we need to exercise a ton to “earn” our calories but our bodies need WAY more than we think just to keep our heart pumping, digestion working, and for our brain to function. However, if we don’t give them the fuel(calories) then they won’t be able to perform these bodily processes which in turn can lead to a lot of health consequences. 

First off, I want to remind you that everyone’s needs are different and no two people need the same amount of fuel to perform their best! We are all unique and we can not compare. We also can’t be certain on exactly how many calories we need each day nor do we need too! If you listen to your hunger, fullness and natural body cues your body will often tell you just what it needs. This oftentimes is overshadowed by diet culture which is where the problems start to occur. I thought this would be a great time to look at some signs to tell whether or not you are fueling your body enough or maybe if it's time to look at your eating habits and refine them a bit. Here are some things to look out for. 

  1. You're low on energy- If you are feeling lethargic and more tired than usual this may be a sign that you are not eating enough. When we don’t give our bodies enough fuel just like giving a car gas it won’t run. 
  2. Poor cognition and productivity i.e. brain fog- If you feel like your brain may be stuck in a cloud or that you’re constantly forgetting things this may be a sign that you're not eating enough. 
  3. Irritable Mood- We’ve all heard of the saying, “you aren’t yourself when your hangry!” There is truth to this statement. When we are not giving our bodies enough we can often get very irritable and moody. It can even go further to affect our mental health in many different ways such as increased depression and anxiety symptoms. 
  4. Feeling chilly- It is normal to feel cold when it's snowy and cold but if you are constantly getting cold and can’t get warm this may be a sign you're not eating enough. You need to consume a substantial amount of food to keep your body warm while performing other bodily functions. 
  5. Hair loss and brittle nails- If you are not consuming enough calories your body will take priority in what it will utilize the calories that it is given. The first line of defense is keeping our hearts beating, and our brains and lungs functioning. Hair, skin, and nails are not essential for human life so our body will prioritize. If you notice you're losing more hair, your skin is dry and flaky, or you have brittle nails, this could very well be because you are not consuming enough. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs it may be time to look at your diet and what you’re eating. It can also be helpful to reach out for support from your healthcare provider or a dietitian who is specialized in this area and can get you on the right track! What’s awesome is that we have access to a dietitian right here on campus. Check her out and make an appointment if you have any questions regarding your food consumption. She is a great resource and is extremely knowledgeable!  

By: Amber Gunneson, WIT Volunteer

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