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Can I have sex on my period? It’s a question that many people with vaginas have every month, and the answer is yes, you can! For the majority of people, having sex on your period is perfectly normal and healthy. It may seem “dirty” or dangerous to some, because period sex has been viewed as taboo for centuries. But, if you are comfortable, period sex can be mentally and physically beneficial. 

Benefits of Period Sex 
There are actually more added advantages of having sex while menstruating than you might think. If you’re willing to deal with the mess, you might experience some, or all, of the following benefits: 

  • Period cramp relief: menstrual cramps result from contractions of the uterus, and after an orgasm, those muscles relax to relieve the pain. 
  • Headache and migraine relief: during an orgasm, feel-good chemicals called endorphins rush through your brain, reducing your perception of pain. One orgasm could provide faster relief than an IV of morphine!
  • Natural lube: the blood from your menstrual cycle can act as a natural lubricant during vaginal intercourse.
  • Shorter periods: the intense uterine contraction that happens during an orgasm actually pushes out the uterine contents, possibly resulting in a shorter period.
  • Increased sex drive: due to fluctuating hormones, your libido and desire can increase dramatically with the increase of estrogen in your system.

In the mood, but worried about the mess? 
When it comes to period sex, there’s not really any way to keep things totally clean. To make cleaning up as easy as possible, have plenty of tissues and towels on hand. Things are going to get messy, so try placing a towel underneath you and your partner to save your sheets and mattress. Tissues are also nice to help with cleaning up after the deed is done. Also, you could try having sex on a “lighter” day of your period to reduce the mess. 

Here are some other tips to help you have better period sex:

  • Communication is key! Having an open and clear communication with your partner(s) regarding what you are comfortable doing is really important. Everyone should be on board.
  • For anyone who has tested positive for HIV, hepatitis, or any other sexually transmitted infection, the likelihood of transmitting a bloodborne illness may be increased due to the presence of period blood. Using a barrier method of contraception is an effective way to prevent the spread of any STI. 
  • While it is less likely, getting pregnant is still a possibility during your period. As always, if you are trying to prevent pregnancy, barrier methods and birth control are suggested. 
  • If you use tampons or menstrual cups during your periods, it is strongly advised that you remove them before penetrative sex to prevent any injury or displacement of the items in the vagina. 

For some people, having sex on your period can be such a liberating experience and a way to express your own body positivity in a fun way with your partner(s). But sometimes, you don’t want to deal with a mess, or maybe you are simply uncomfortable with it. No matter the reason, not wanting to have period sex is totally valid as well. Period sex can be a fun way to make the most of your time of the month in the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to embrace your sexuality and add some spice to your sex life!

By: Camryn Lane and Sonal Subhash Mandale, WIT Peer Educators 

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