2024 Exhibits



The Reach Higher Showcase exhibits include an array of bold initiatives, educational innovations, technological advancements, and hands-on demonstrations from a wide range of disciplines and departments across the university.



Title Booth Number Action
2023 Water in the West Program - An Immersive Learning Experience 105 View
A Framework for DeVos Building DEIB Momentum to Support Nursing Student Academic Success 125 View
Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Innovation 63 View
Accessible Learning: Bridging the Gap 2 View
Addressing Local Public Health Needs Through a Strategic Partnership:From the Classroom to the Community 3 View
AI Virtual Patient with Blackboard LMS Integration 51 View
Alumni Engagement Index 120 View
An Educational Partnership That Strengthens Inclusion and Developmental Growth in Early Childhood 100 View
An Effective Interprofessional Collaboration to Support African RefugeeStudents' Written Language and Social Integration 39 View
Artificial Genomics Intelligence for Personalized Healthcare 60 View
Atomic Object Technology Showcase Expansion 62 View
Because All Means All: How GVSU Libraries and the All of Us Dataset Support Diversity in Research 4 View
Bellamy Creek Program 35 View
Black Boys and Men National Symposium 128 View
Blue Nucleus: Democratization of Experiential Learning in the Computing Disciplines 57 View
Casting Club African Spear and Halligan Bar 32 View
Celebrating GVSU Authors: A Tribute to Scholarly Contributions 87 View
Center for Educational Partnerships 109 View
Charter Basketball Showcase 10 View
Charting the Course of the Future with the Laker Learning Futures andthe Faculty Futures Team 64 View
Civic Studio: Geodesic Dome 82 View
CLAS DEI-AB Professional Development Plans 126 View
Collaborative Creation of Career Resources for GVSU Alumni and Adult Learners 138 View
Collaborative Professional Voice Labs for Graduate Students in Speech-Lanuguage Pathology and Acting 21 View
Collaborative Synergy Unleashed with the PMO 8 View

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