What We've Learned

Reach Higher 2025 is Grand Valley's community effort at identifying and articulating common values and goals surrounding our shared work — both building on the “essence” of Grand Valley and its particular strengths as well as on opportunities that continue to emerge. We are not “starting from scratch,” in building towards how we will see success in 2025; rather, we are using the tremendous awareness and momentum of our university community and stakeholders, as well as salient strengths and opportunities learned in the past 18 months.

Reach Higher Together Engagement

Since Fall 2019, President Philomena V. Mantella has engaged internal and external stakeholders in Reach Higher Together, an effort to ensure Grand Valley draws on everyone's abilities, talents, and creativity to reach higher together and accelerate our bold vision to activate the full community to lead the change in the fast-changing world of education. On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, President Mantella convened the participants of the Grand Huddle Series, the Grand Survey, and those who contributed their thoughts and ideas via the thought boards located on each campus and in each regional center. The audience consisted of faculty, staff, and students who asked questions and engaged in dialogue with President Mantella as she reported the findings and feedback garnered from this three-month-long exercise.

word cloud summarizing themes from the Reach Higher Together huddles on the essence of the university

word cloud from Reach Higher Together huddles on opportunities for the university

University Commitments

Based on the extensive engagement through the Reach Higher Together initiative and in consultation with other university and community stakeholders, the President announced five university priorities at her inauguration in November 2019.

Strengthening the Grand Valley Experience: A Lifetime Value

  1. Knowledge and skills for the 21st Century – an education that builds on our longstanding commitment to liberal education to include digital competencies, entrepreneurial opportunities, and cross-disciplinary synergies and expands our experiential learning commitments.
  2. Build on the reciprocity of learning – a signature of the faculty-student relationship at Grand Valley. 
  3. The Laker Lifetime Learning – a commitment established to create an ongoing connection between Lakers and the university.

A Diverse and Inclusive Economic Engine

  1. Expand access to new learners with high-quality online/hybrid adult learning and new pathways to GVSU.
  2. Talent Epicenter to attract entrepreneurs and employers to the talent of Grand Valley, expanding experiential learning and post-graduate opportunities while addressing their talent needs

Innovate with Purpose

A student sits outside working on a laptop

Key Performance Indicators

Established in the Academic and Student Affairs Division, Key Performance Indicators seek to provide a focused understanding of important aspects of the work of the colleges and units. These will be expanded to encompass broader university activities. KPIs are:

  • Tools used to understand and measure success towards achieving goals. They are not goals unto themselves.
  • Intended to be easily understood and directly connected to strategic goals.
  • Meant to measure both efficiency and effectiveness.