Laboratory Safety Training

General Lab Safety Training

All GVSU employees involved in the laboratory use of chemicals are required to complete a lab safety training course. The course will provide employees with information on working in the lab, including:

  • The physical and health hazards associated with working in a lab
  • Identification of chemical hazards, labeling and material safety data sheets
  • General lab rules, safe work practices, personal protection and standard procedures
  • Emergency response and waste disposal

Lab Specific Safety Training

In addition to the general lab safety training, each supervisor or Principal Investigator must provide staff with more specific safety procedures in their labs. This training needs to identify physical and health hazards in the area along with procedures for safe operations, emergency response, and personal protection.


The general lab safety training is administered either through an on-line presentation on Blackboard or periodic classroom sessions. You must take on-line or face-to-face training in order to comply with the training requirement. For more information or to obtain access to the training site, contact Colin Brander, Lab Safety Specialist at [email protected].

Click Here to view the lab safety training presentation slides.


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Page last modified March 26, 2024