All  Prerequisite Override and Closed Class Permit request are now submitted by students online through Banner. The Registrar’s site provides information about this (including an instructional video and a list of common registration errors and ways to solve them)

Important Dates Winter 2019

Registration Drop and Add — Mar 19-Jan 11
Payment Deadline — Dec 14 @ 5pm
Classes Begin — Jan 7
Last Day to Add, Register, or Pay — Jan 11 @ 5pm
Mid Term Evaluations — Feb 18-22
Exams/Semester Ends —  Apr 22-27

Closed Class Permit

We will not approve any closed class permits submitted prior to a student's eligibility to register based on the GVSU Registration Calendar.

Students should login to Banner and attempt to register for the desired section.  When they get the "Closed Class" error, they should click on the link at the bottom to request a closed class or CAP registration override.  In the section labeled "Reason Details" students should include their responses to the following questions:

1. There must be a compelling reason why you should not delay taking the course another semester. (An example of such a reason is that you have completed all other requirements for graduation.) Specify the reason in concrete detail. Note that it does not suffice to say that the course is a prerequisite for another course, unless there is also a clear explanation of why you cannot meet this requirement in a later semester. Specify the reason in specific detail.

2. We do not normally issued a Closed Class Permit if other sections of the course are still open. If other sections have seats available, but you are still requesting a Closed Class Permit, give details of the circumstances that you believe might warrant an exception.

3. If you plan to take this class to meet a category or elective requirement in the Psychology major or minor, and if there are seats open in other courses that meet that requirement, we do not normally issue closed class permits. If you believe you warrant an exception to this, explain why in specific detail.

Once the request has been processed, students will receive an email from instructing them to go back into Banner and register for the class.  

If a class section is closed, students should check Banner frequently, especially after the tuition payment deadline, to see if there is an open spot. Individual faculty cannot approve a closed class permit.  A student whose eligibility for financial aid is affected by an inability to enroll in a closed class should contact the Financial Aid office at or 616-331-3234 to discuss options.

Pre-requisite Waivers

Students should login to Banner and attempt to register for the course. When they get the registration error “Prerequisite Not Met” they should click on the link at the bottom to request an override. If a student has taken/is taking a prerequisite course at another institution he/she will need to send proof of completion/registration for that course to before the override can be processed. A screenshot of an unofficial transcript or schedule is fine as long as it has the name of the student, the name of the institution, the course name/number, and either the grade received or when the course is offered on it. Note: It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the course he/she plans to take transfers for the appropriate GVSU course and that he/she has the institution send an official transcript to GVSU as soon as grades for the course are posted so that the student’s Banner record can be updated. 

If you are  asking for a prerequisite waiver for another reason (want to use a different GVSU course, want to take a pre-req as a co-req, etc.) you should be sure to provide as much information as possible in the reason box.

PSY 399/499 Independent Studies/Readings

With PSY 399 and PSY 499, a permit is required to register for the class. Both the student and the sponsoring faculty member must sign a contract in advance. Complete and submit the contract form by going to the Psychology web page, click on Forms and choose the Contract Proposal for the course you are requesting.

The form will be automatically emailed to the Psychology Department for approval and processing.  After processing the contract, the student will be notified, via e-mail from that they are able to register for the class in Banner.  

Read here for more information on Independent Studies and Independent Readings courses.


Page last modified January 24, 2019