Issue #5 Winter 2023

In this newsletter, after a brief greeting and update from our new department chair Professor Mary Bower-Russa, we introduce our two Assistant Chairs and newest faculty member. Following that we feature some faculty members’ outreach efforts in using their expertise to serve community-based projects and create opportunities for our students to apply knowledge in the real world. Professor Kristen Schrauben presents a current project about the Lakers working with students at the Boys and Girls Club, and Professors Gwenden Dueker and Jing Chen describe their work at Family Futures on building resilience against trauma. At the end, we feature the three panelists from the Alumni Career Paths Panel Discussion in Fall 2022.

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Hello Psychology Alumni,


Featuring our Assistant Chairs Dr. Smith and Dr. Wildey

Featuring Assistant Chairs

Featuring Our Newest Faculty Member Dr. Amanda Karsten

Featuring our newest faculty member

Lakers at the Club

Lakers at the club

Working with Family Futures

Family Future

Featuring the Panelists from the Career Paths Panel Discussion in Fall 2022

Panel Discussion
Krista Harmon

Sharing Your Advice

If you have helpful advice to give to our current students, please send a note to us by clicking here. We hope to share the collective wisdom with our current students. 

All the best from the Psychology Department!

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