Grand Valley State University Psychology Department


GVSUs Psychology Department seeks to educate students in the broad field of psychological science through teaching, research, and service. Students learn to engage with the empirical findings, theoretical perspectives, research methods, and practical applications of psychological science. Through these processes we seek to engender critical thought, informed judgment, workforce preparation, and life-long learning.


The psychology department seeks to achieve a balance among its teaching, research, and service activities that advances the discipline of psychology while preparing our students to be responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and to have productive careers. We aspire to develop and maintain an intellectually rich department culture that fosters sustained inquiry, multicultural perspectives, critical thinking, impassioned discourse, creative discovery, ethical action, clear communication, extensive collaboration, high achievement, and thoughtful reflection.


The Psychology Department faculty members represent a diverse and eclectic set of specialized interests within the discipline of psychology.  Across our faculty members, we seek to represent the discipline of psychology broadly.  People within the department work at different level of analysis, with different methodologies, and from different theoretical perspectives.  We have high expectations for both faculty and students.  In teaching, research, and service we value rigorous scientific and ethical reasoning, academic freedom, integrity, collaboration, and collegiality.

Page last modified July 1, 2021