Request a Repeat Limit for Psychology class

If you need to take a psychology course for the third time,  you cannot make that request in Banner.  You will need to fill out the Psychology Department's Request for Approval to Repeat a Psychology Course .  When you answer the last question "What is different and what will you do differently if you are permitted to repeat the course? Provide a detailed and specific description of the steps you will take to succeed in the course",  it is NOT enough to say that 1) you will try harder, or 2) you were in a bad place last time and now you are in a better place, or 3) the last two times you had fallen behind because you gave more attention to your other courses. You must list specific and measurable actions that will help you succeed the third time.

You ALSO need the University's Repeat Limit Approval form, available on the Registrar's "Student Forms".  You will need to take the form to your faculty advisor, who will talk to you about why you have had trouble with the course in the past and what you can do to succeed this time.  The advisor will sign the form.  You then need to bring it to the Psychology Office in 2224 ASH for signature by the Unit Head, and then to the Registrar's desk in the Student Services Building (150 STU).

Page last modified June 5, 2018