Program Review Timeline

Winter 2021

  • Data Group compares current data we track as an institution with EAB’s recommendations
  • Data Group consults with other program review teams, unit head advisory group, FSBC, Provost’s Cabinet, Graduate Council Curriculum & Program Review Subcommittee, FTLC & CSCE, and Institutional Analysis 
  • Program Review Groups establish:
    • Working team policies (Roles, responsibilities, communication plan)
    • Honed goals for Unit Engagement and Analysis & Recommendation teams (expanded objectives to fulfill charges sent by the Provost)
    • Criteria for “flags”
    • Clear understanding of program review process (i.e. Tier 1 & Tier 2 data)
  • With Institutional Analysis, metrics are generated for each program (graduate degree programs; undergraduate majors; minors; certificates; badges)

Spring/Summer 2021

  • Unit Engagement work is honed, with some outreach happening (as faculty are available)

Fall 2021

  • Unit Engagement work continues
  • Analysis and Recommendations Team meets to review data, reaffirm criteria, and discuss recommendations

Page last modified March 3, 2021