Communication Plan


  • Timely communication with faculty in ASA
  • Transparency about what is happening among program review groups
  • The right communication to the right groups at the right time, for consultation, feedback, or to inform
  • Clear archiving of communication on our website to keep us organized and our message clear & consistent


  • End each group meeting with a quick consideration of what needs to be shared out and to whom.
  • Use the website to “blog” process messages/updates, and refer to website in each message we send to the campus community.
  • Use available channels effectively: 
    • Reports at ECS or UAS 
    • Brief updates in Noteworthy 
  • “Asks” for feedback to specific groups and open faculty forums should be carefully crafted to:
    • Garner useful feedback for the group(s) needing it
    • Ensure voices are heard w/ feedback integrated into the process

In every message--whether website update, email, presentation, or Noteworthy briefing:

  • Highlight the latest action
  • Link to program review website
  • Make clear how to communicate feedback, ask questions

Page last modified March 3, 2021