Commitments to our Communities

Small group of Continuing Education students review class notes - Commitments to our Community

L3 Commitment

Laker Lifetime Learning (L3), is our comprehensive and holistic network of services and resources that reinforce our commitment to our graduates' continued learning. It's one of the things that sets us apart from other universities -- we'll always be along side you, and all of our alumni, ready to help you reach your next goals. No matter what stage of your life or career, you can turn to us for a lifetime of support in three important areas:

  • Financial Resources
  • Career Support
  • Alumni Networking

Our Laker Lifetime Learning commitment prepares you for whatever comes next. That’s the Laker Effect and our commitment to all Laker alumni.

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Small group of Veterans walking across campus carrying a United State of America flag - Veteran Promise

Veteran Promise

If you have committed to serving our country for at least two years and are a 2021 Michigan high school graduate, we offer pre-approved admission to Grand Valley State University deferred until you’re ready. Your willingness to make a commitment to your country means something, and the least we can do is to eliminate the worry about being accepted to college.

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Ariel shot of Allendale Campus - Reach Higher 2025

Grand Valley Pledge

When it comes to access to a first-class college education, a student's family income should not be a barrier. That's why we've vowed to help make a Grand Valley education accessible to more students than ever with our Grand Valley Pledge. Our new program is simple: We pledge that admitted students who meet the short list of other criteria below will be automatically awarded full undergraduate tuition and course fees, renewable for up to four years.

"The Grand Valley Pledge is a commitment to our communities," said Grand Valley President Philomena V. Mantella. "It is another way of assuring that we create opportunity and advance equity in the communities in which we live and teach, as well as inspire a broader movement of making higher education accessible to all."

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