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GV NextED Co-Lab

GV NextEd Co-Lab furthers the GVSU's commitment to engage all learners in all communities. It is an incubator where GVSU faculty and staff can explore cutting-edge ideas alongside education entrepreneurs to advance student access and success. Within NextEd Co-Lab, sustainable ideas are explored and nurtured so GVSU can further meet the needs of learners and their families in an ever-shifting educational ecosystem.


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To address public higher education challenges, a national alliance convened by Grand Valley and five partner institutions, REP4, is turning to learners to co-design the educational system they use. REP4 stands for Rapid Education Prototyping for Change, Learners, Community, Equity. High school learners in REP4 help develop ideas that, when successful, are quickly launched on a wider scale. The initiative will bring together students, K-12 educators and higher education faculty and staff to reconsider how education can better serve current learners during a time of rapid change. The education convening and pilot learner summit seeded the initial concept, and the NextEd Co-Lab, will give this work its home.


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The Fund’s purpose is to invest in new initiatives to propel Grand Valley forward and to activate ideas that emerged as institutional priorities and presidential commitments during our data gathering last Fall. As we focus on the short-term and continuity of learning and growth to ensure a successful end to this semester, it is essential for us to also take the long view. What we are facing today will inform decisions and actions taken tomorrow. We must prepare for a new normal. 


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