PLS General Education Courses

The Political Science Department offers a wide range of courses in the General Education curriculum. Many students who are not political science majors find our General Education courses stimulating and provocative. Majors and minors are able to take these courses to simultaneously fulfill General Education and major/minor requirements.

Foundations: Philosophy and Literature
PLS 105 Introduction to Human Rights

Foundations: Social and Behavioral Sciences
PLS 102 American Government and Politics
PLS 103 Issues in World Politics (also Cultures: World Perspectives)
PLS 211 International Relations (also Cultures: World Perspectives)

Cultures: World Perspectives
PLS 103 Issues in World Politics (also Foundations: Social and Behavioral Sciences)
PLS 211 International Relations (also Foundations: Social and Behavioral Sciences)
PLS 281 Comparative Political Systems: Canada
PLS 283 Chinese Politics and US-China Relations
PLS 284 Latin American Politics
PLS 319 African Politics (also Issues: Globalization)

Issues (Specific Issue in parentheses)
PLS 301 Poverty, Inequality and US Public Policy (Identity)
PLS 303 Introduction to US Environmental Policy (Sustainability)
PLS 319 African Politics (Globalization; also Cultures: World Perspectives)
PLS 334 Sex, Power, and Politics (Identity)
PLS 339 Democracy and the Authoritarian Challenge (Human Rights)


Thomas Bell Spotlight

Thomas Bell

Director of the Center for Educator Preparation and Director of the Urban Institute for Racial, Economic, and Environmental Justice.

Derrick Mathis Spotlight

Derrick Mathis

Keeping the Community Warm

Andrea Haverdink Spotlight

Andrea Haverdink

Andrea Haverdink, Digital Director at Americans For Tax Fairness and Creative Director for Unfiltered Media

Dorothy Sewe Spotlight

Dorothy Sewe

Aids Refugee Relocation Efforts

Kara Cook Spotlight

Kara Cook

Policy Advisor, Executive Office of Governor Whitmer

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