Political Science Tutoring

September 17, 2019

Political Science Tutoring

Don't wait for that big first exam...sign up for tutoring today!

We have three excellent tutors working at GVSU's Tutoring Center: Morgan Hofmann, Michelina Partipilo, and Starr Sumner. As students who have taken the courses for which they work as tutors, they can help you with content questions, study strategies, and exam / quiz review.

We want you to succeed in your PLS courses, and signing up for group tutoring sessions is a great way to do this. And remember, if you're struggling a bit, it's better to get some assistance early on rather than waiting until that first big exam or when that first substantial assignment is due.

To sign up, go to the Tutoring Center's website at Click on Request a Tutor.

If you have any questions about Political Science tutoring, feel free to contact Dr. Heather Tafel, the PLS Tutoring Center Liaison at


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Page last modified September 17, 2019