IR & PLS Alumni Attending Law School at FIU, Indiana and Tennessee

September 1, 2023

Clockwise from top left: Emma Everhart-Deckard (Indiana), Charlie Anderson (Indiana), Zachary Schmidt (Tennessee), Tyler Newland (FIU)

PLS Alumni Starting Law School at Michigan, MSU and UDM

September 1, 2023

Clockwise from top left: Zachary Richardson (UDM), Alexis Krichevsky (UDM), Tyler Hines (Michigan), Julian Sanders (MSU)

IR & PLS Alumni Heading to Wayne Law

September 1, 2023

Clockwise from top left: Katie Koczak, Joel Pagel, Haris Kljuvic

Fleming Wins Zeeb Study Abroad Scholarship

April 26, 2023

The 2023 Zeeb International Relations Study Abroad Scholarship winner is sophomore Cloey Fleming.

Iacovone Wins Outstanding Paper Award

April 25, 2023

Ryan Iacovone is the winner of the Outstanding Paper Award for Political Science and International Relations.

Cargill Wins Seykora Award

April 11, 2023

PLS senior Ke'Asha Cargill has won the Thomas M. Seykora Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Koczak and Rusch Win Excellence-in-a-Discipline Awards

April 11, 2023

Katie Koczak (International Relations) and Aaron Rusch (Political Science) are the 2023 award winners.

Gjolaj Wins Gayle Davis Award

April 6, 2023

Jessica Gjolaj is the 2023 winner of GVSU's Gayle R. Davis Award.

GVSU Students Attend Midwest Model European Union at Indiana University

March 29, 2023

Professor John Constantelos and students from his European Union Course attend Midwest Model European Union at Indiana University.

Professor Sheri Rogers Receives Pew Teaching Excellence Award

February 24, 2023

Professor Sheri Rogers of the Political Science department was presented with the 2023 Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty at the Faculty Awards Convocation.

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