Shelly Greendyk

2018 Graduate Lands Job with DOD

Madeline Vander Velde

2016 Graduate Working and Living in Brussels

Meghan Ramil

2016 Graduate Promoted to Assistant Account Executive for Political Consulting Firm in DC

Khalil Rahal

2006 Graduate Leads Economic Development in Detroit

Autumn Modena

2015 Graduate Founder of RefuTea

Kendall Minor

2018 Graduate is Promoted from Intern to Program Coordinator

Andrew Light

2016 Graduate Pursues Graduate Study at University of Michigan

Jasmine (Tolbert) Caldwell

2006 Graduate Technical Expert at the Social Security Administration in Chicago

Shingi Mavima

2010 Graduate Finishing his Doctorate at Michigan State University

Jordan Crandell

2014 IR graduate is teaching in Vietnam

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