Jordan Crandell

Jordan Crandell

I graduated from Grand Valley in 2014 with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Middle East Studies. I had always had travel bug, but was unable to go abroad during my studies. After graduation, I decided to move abroad to teach English. After completing my TEFL Certification online, I applied to several schools and settled on moving to Hanoi, Vietnam. I am currently the Head of the International Primary Department at a Bi-Lingual School, managing a multi-cultural and multi-lingual office. I also have the great privilege and adventure of teaching Grades 2 and 3 English. Many of the skills that I use on a daily basis are skills that were cultivated at Grand Valley - my office would not function without communication, teamwork and critical thinking. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a general education background which prepared me for other fields and challenges I've been exposed to. I have been able to travel all over Vietnam, a country I have grown to love deeply, and also have been able to see the world since moving to Hanoi. I have traveled to 12 countries in 2017 alone, and am grateful that my IR degree has prepared me to be an aware and open-minded global citizen.

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