Web Policies for Academic and Administrative Units

SLT 7.5

Policy Statement

All GVSU units are required to maintain their webpages on the university’s domain www.gvsu.edu and use the university’s content management system unless authorized by Institutional Marketing. All GVSU organizations, whether on the gvsu.edu domain or authorized to maintain their own servers and publish pages under domains other than www.gvsu.edu/ are equally responsible for adhering to GVSU Web standards.

The purpose of website design standards is to:

  • Reinforce GVSU’s identity
  • Meet the needs of the constituencies Grand Valley serves
  • Provide continuity in website appearance
  • Protect and regulate the use of proprietary GVSU names, logo marks, word marks, and graphic devices
  • Keep content current
  • Faithfully represent GVSU to the public

Web standards can be found at http://www.gvsu.edu/identity