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Adult Day Centers

Adult Day Centers

March 17, 2020 | Caregiver Resources

Social isolation can be very challenging when dealing with dementia. Adult day centers provide meaningful interactions with others in a safe and stimulating environment. Bringing your loved one to an adult day center is a great first step when first looking to get some additional help. Your loved one can go to the day center for just a few hours, or the whole day depending on their needs and preference. Not only will a day center provide social interaction, but a nutritious meal or snack, and can help with personal care such as bathing. Adult day centers are also a cost effective alternative to other types of care such as residential memory care. Because each center has different policies and pricing, it is important to find the adult day center that works best for your loved one. 

Several support groups that meet in West Michigan offer free use of an adult day center while the care provider attends the support group meeting. This information is listed in the resource guide under the description of each support group. Pre-registration is required in order to drop your loved one off at an adult day center during a support group meeting.

To download more information about adult day centers, click here

You can also view all adult day centers in the area by searching on the Rethinking Dementia Resource Guide under "daily care" and then selecting "adult day center."

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