Henry H. and Juanita Dungey Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Henry W. Dungey '00

Award is $1,000; Non-renewable

In 2004, this scholarship has established by Henry William “Bill” Dungey (MPA '00) and his family to honor his parents. For years, Bill passionately supported educational opportunities for minority students at both Hope College and Grand Valley. Bill passed from this life on 17 March 2014, and the scholarship now continues as an honor to him as well as his parents.

The scholarship supports an outstanding student who not only embodies the essential characteristics of leadership, scholarship and community service but a commitment to empowering and cultivating young inner-city leaders of the future. Applicants must be full-time students entering the senior year, have demonstrated outstanding leadership and established achieved a record of community service. Preference is given to Kent County residents.

Scholarship Recipient:
2015/16 - Melissa Mertz

Henry William 'Bill' Dungey, Jr

"Henry William 'Bill' Dungey, Jr. was a lifelong advocate for justice, a champion of causes, and a towering presence who evoked warmth and kindness wherever he went."
School News Network, 3 April 2014.

Valerie P. Eggert Distinguished Scholarship in Philanthropy

Award varies; Non-renewable

Established by Valerie P. Eggert, a friend of Grand Valley State University, to recognize the vision of her friend, to provide scholarship support to graduate students who both aspire to study and promote philanthropy, and engage in nonprofit agency fundraising.  This scholarship will continue the Mission of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy while promoting career opportunities in nonprofit fundraising.  

Applicants must be full-time graduate students enrolled in the School of Community Leadership and Development.

Scholarship Recipients:

2021/22 - Maggie Scannel

2019/20 - Eirene N Binabiba

2018/19 - Lisa. M. Brown

2017/18 - Kristina M. Pepelko

2016/17 - Teri L. Pittman

2015/16 - Megan E. Toth

2014/15 - Colin D. Cummings

Dean George Grant, Jr., Kathy Agard, Valerie Eggert, and  Dorothy A. Johnson

Valerie Eggert,(second from left) with Dean George Grant, Jr., Kathy Agard, and  Dorothy A. Johnson

Joyce Hecht Philanthropy Scholarship

Award is up to $5,000

Named in recognition of her contributions to Grand Valley State University as its first Director of Development, the founding Executive Director of the Grand Valley State University Foundation, and a gracious and effective ambassador of the University’s needs, the Joyce F. Hecht Distinguished Scholarship in Philanthropy is an endowed fund in support of university students who aspire to help nonprofit organizations in all ways that Joyce Hecht has so capably helped Grand Valley State University. 

Open to full-time and part-time students pursuing a career plan to eventually promote and develop philanthropy and engage in nonprofit agency fundraising.

Scholarship Recipients:

2021-22 - Emily Mathein & Abigail Punt

2020/21 - Emily Mathein, Callie Melton, Ashley Morales, Abigail Punt, Holly Woodworth

2019/20 - Abigail J. Punt, Danielle M. LaJoie, Mary Jo Zazueta

2018/19 - Paula A. Reed, Haley M. McLean, Ndeye R. Ndao, Kelly E. Kuzara, Jodi R. Overman

2017/18 - Paula A. Reed, Kristina M. Pepelko, Caitlyn L. Cubberly, Kimberly A. Berry

2016/17 - Paula A. Reed, Audrey E. Mahlie, Heather Rowan

2015/16 - Kelly J. Matti, Lauren A. Grevel, Hannah M. Rogers, Melissa R. Mertz

2014/15 - Megan E. Toth

Joyce F. Hecht

Joyce F. Hecht was the first Director of University Development and the founding Executive Director of the Grand Valley University Foundation

Kurt F. Kimball Scholarship Endowment

Award is up to $1,500; May be awarded up to 4 semesters

The Kurt F. Kimball Scholarship Endowment was established to honor Kurt F. Kimball’s 20 years as the longest serving City Manager of Grand Rapids.  Kimball worked for Grand Rapids for more than 33 years and has lived here for more than 50.  During that time, he has mentored many Grand Valley students.  In celebration of his retirement, contributions from Kimball’s friends and colleagues made this scholarship possible.  Kimball hopes that this scholarship will attract professionals to careers in public management and local government. 

This scholarship will provide support for full-time or part-time graduate students in the School of Community Leadership and Development pursuing careers in local government.

Scholarship Recipients:

2021/22 - Charles Hively

2020/21 - Jocelyn Hines & Katie Beemer  

2019/20 - Kahler S. Sweeney & Issac D. DeGraaf

2018/19 - Carolyn R. Lang & Isaac D. DeGraaf

2017/18 - Carolyn R. Lang & Thomas Skilling

2016/17 - Thomas Skilling

2015/16 - Andrew M. Kumar

2014/15 - Nathaniel R. Mehmed

Kurt F. Kimball

Kurt F. Kimball served as Grand Rapids city manager from 1987 through 2008

Don and Millie Wagner Scholarship in Memory of Caprice R. Wagner

Award varies; May be awarded for up to 4 semesters

This scholarship was established by Dawn and Donald Wagner in memory of Caprice R. Wagner. Caprice earned her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University in 2007.  In 2008 she was pursuing a master of public administration when she lost a four-month battle to T-cell Lymphoma.

This scholarship will assist juniors, seniors and graduate students with financial need (by filing a FAFSA) who share the values and career goals to which Caprice aspired. Candidates must address in their essay a commitment to empowering women by describing their career goals and experience working with nonprofit organizations who extend services to women and families.

Scholarship Recipients:

2021/22 - Maggie Scannel

2020/21 - Stella Molde

2019/20 - Holly A. Woodworth

2018/19 - Samantha J. DeBoer, Madison L. Rhoades

2017/18 - Madison L. Rhoades

2016/17 - Caitlyn L. Cubberly

2015/16 - Colin D. Cumming

2014/15 - Jennifer R. Monteith

Caprice Wagner

Friends and family remember Caprice Renee Wagner's warm presence, passion for life, and her desire to empower women

Maribeth Wardrop Leaders in Philanthropy Scholarship

Award varies; May be awarded for up to 6 semesters

This scholarship was created in honor of Maribeth Wardrop’s accomplishments as Vice President of University Development and Executive Director of the Grand Valley University Foundation, as well as her passion for philanthropy. During her 12-year tenure, Maribeth Wardrop led and completed 11 capital projects including the university’s first comprehensive campaign Shaping Our Future raising 96.3 million dollars. She also helped increase private scholarships which grew from 50 to 300 under her leadership. She was the first woman to serve as a vice president for Grand Valley State University.

Recipients of this scholarship must be in the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program and taking 6 credits per semester.

Scholarship Recipients:

2021/22 - Madeleine Williams

2019/20 - Holly A. Woodworth

2018/19 - Calli A. Crow, Beverly J. Harkema, Whitney D. Ehresman

2017/18 - Beverly J. Harkema, Whitney D. Ehresman, Suzanne L. Blake

2016/17 - Roque J. Villegas, Whitney D. Ehresman

2015/16 - Roque J. Villegas

Maribeth Wardrop

During her 12-year tenure as Vice President of University Development and Executive Director of the Grand Valley University Foundation, Maribeth Wardrop helped increase private scholarships
from 50 to 300

Michael F. Young '90, '94 Memorial Scholarship

Award varies; May be awarded for up to 4 semesters

Michael Young (MPA '94) was well known and respected for is work as the longtime City Manager of Rockford, where the thriving downtown reflects the efforts he led to improve the community over the past 20 years.  Remembered as a passionate, dedicated, and respected city leader, Michael was a visionary who worked tirelessly to make Rockford a better place to live, work and play.  

Recipients of this scholarship must be a senior or graduate student enrolled for nine credit hours or more in the School of Community Leadership and Development. Candidates for this scholarship will complete an essay describing how your community impacted your educational future and what will you do to impact the community with your degree.

Scholarship Recipients:

2019/20 - Kayla J. Leonard

2018/19 - Ryan A. Schmidt

2017/18 - Ryan A. Schmidt

Michael Young

Michael Young's achievements during his 20 years as Rockford's city manager included the construction of a wastewater treatment system in collaboration with local townships

Other Scholarships

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