Integrated Science
Students who choose the integrated science concentration will take a course in genetics for preservice teachers, as well as a chemistry course, and a course in teaching science in the 21st century. Faculty teaching these courses are scientists with expertise in teaching science. They conduct research in science teaching, write and publish science curriculum (often with undergraduate student collaborators), serve as leaders in state and national educational initiatives and organizations, and have earned honors and awards at all levels. The National Science Teachers Association student chapter is a GVSU club that meets for professional development and travel to state, regional, and national conferences. By choosing a concentration in Integrated Science, you will be positioning yourself to be a leader in the sciences at your school.

The Integrated Science concentration requires 9 credits of science courses across several disciplines.

BIO 205: Genetics for PK – 3 Preservice Teachers
CHM 201: Introduction to Chemical Sciences
SCI 495: Teaching Science in the 21st Century*

*Indicates course that is often, but not always, offered during Spring/Summer semesters

Integrated Science

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