Special Education (K-12)
The special education program prepares candidates to effectively teach students with disabilities in a variety of settings and to effectively manage the classroom by developing the ability to adjust teaching practices according to individual student needs. The program features highly trained faculty who value interaction with candidates, robust field placement opportunities, and content that is directly applicable to the K-12 classroom setting. The Special Education program at Grand Valley leads to two endorsements, selected from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Impairment, Emotional Impairment, and Learning Disabilities. The curriculum provides:

  • content knowledge across all elementary subjects
  • knowledge of childhood development
  • the ability to adapt content knowledge and present it according to individual needs
  • extensive field experiences teaching in both general education and special education classrooms

Students seeking special education teaching certification complete the PCKET major as well as a second major in special education through the College of Education and Community Innovation. Successful completion of both the PCKET major and the special education major certifies the student to teach the special education endorsement areas in kindergarten through 12th grade. 

If you choose the 3-6 Grade Band with this certification, you are not required to take the 3 disciplinary concentrations. You still have the option to take the disciplinary concentration courses, and are encouraged to do so, but it is not a requirement.

Page last modified January 24, 2023