Navigating the PCKET Major

Once you declare your double major of PCKET and Educational Studies or PCKET and Special Education, you will need to make some choices. Grand Valley offers a number of Undergraduate Elementary Certification Options that will allow you to not only customize your degree, but also increase your marketability.

Carefully consider the options outlined below and make an appointment with an academic advisor to craft the right degree path for you! 

Do you want to earn 2 grade band certifications?

If you choose to earn two grade band certifications, you'll be certified to teach PK-6, which increases your marketability.

Do you want to earn 1 grade band and an endorsement in ESL?

You can choose either the PK-3 or the 3-6 grade band and also add the English as a Second Language endorsement.

If your grade band includes 3-6, which disciplinary concentration do you want to choose?

You've selected the 3-6 grade band. Now, you need to choose one of the following disciplinary concentrations: English Language Arts, Integrated Science, Mathematics or Social Studies.

If you choose Special Education, which grade band would you like to pair it with?

You've chosen to major in PCKET and Special Education. Now you need to choose a grade band - either PK-3 or the 3-6 grade band.

Do you want to earn only 1 grade band certification?

You will need to choose between the PK-3 grade band or the 3-6 grade band.

Declaring Your Major in Banner

When choosing your Grade Band, Concentration and/or Emphasis Focus, please remember to choose the appropriate Grade Band for your PCKET major (PCKET PK-3 or PCKET 3-6 or both) and the appropriate Grade Band for your Educational Studies Major (EDST PK-3 or EDST 3-6; if you want the dual Grade Band, PK-6, then choose EDST PK-3). 


Choose optional concentration
Choose optional emphasis


EDST 3-6
Choose required concentration
Choose optional emphasis


Choose required concentration
Choose optional emphasis

Special Education

PCKET PK-3 or 3-6
Choose Special Education emphasis
Choose optional concentration

Advising Guides

The following are advising guides for the Dual Grade Band option, the 3-6 Grade Band option and the PK-3 Grade Band option. There are additional guides for students who wish to add a Special Education concentration. As always, please consult with your advisor for assistance scheduling classes and navigating the PCKET degree.

Paths to Graduation

The PCKET Major is customizable in a number of ways and there are a variety of paths you can take to graduation*.

Choose One Grade Band - Estimated Years to Graduation: 4
Students in the PCKET program can earn certification for teaching pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade (PK-3) and/or 3rd grade through 6th grade (3-6). If you declare your major as a first-year student, and choose only one grade band, you can graduate with two majors and a certification in only 4 years.

Choose Both Grade Bands - Estimated Years to Graduation: 4.5
Students choosing both grade bands will be certified to teach PK-6, which increases job marketability. The 3-6 grade band emphasis includes a 9-credit concentration in one of four content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Integrated Science, or Social Studies.

Choose One Grade Band + Endorsement - Estimated Years to Graduation: 5 
Students in either the PK-3 or 3-6 program also have the option of adding courses that will earn them an endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language (K-12), or Special Education (K-12). Adding an endorsement is another great way to increase job marketability.

*Note: Taking one of our Spring/Summer Study Abroad programs or Spring or Summer term classes will reduce your time to graduation.

Page last modified September 14, 2023