FERPA Information

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 helps protect the privacy of student records. Your FERPA rights begin when you enroll regardless of age; that is, when you have registered, paid, and classes have begun. Additionally, students under 18 are covered under FERPA.

In the PCEC Undergraduate Advising Office, we follow the following guidelines for guests to attend academic advising appointments:

  • FERPA form must be submitted for each guest attending your academic advising appointment
  • A new FERPA form must be completed for every academic advising appointment
  • The FERPA form required for guests to attend academic advising appointments is called Permission to Release Non-Public Information and is linked in the button below 
  • FERPA forms must be sent from the student's GVSU email to [email protected] and to the advisor you are meeting with
  • Students have the right to revoke the rights of the guest(s) at anytime 

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our guidelines please see the GVSU FERPA FAQs below or call our office at (616) 331-6025. 


FERPA Form for Academic Advising Appointments

Page last modified October 31, 2023