Virtual Presentation Tips and Tricks

Student Scholars Day 2022

Student Scholars Day (SSD) is held once each year to celebrate the scholarship and creative work performed by GVSU students.  The day showcases faculty-mentored student work, shared through many venues, including (but not limited to) oral presentations, discussion and panel sessions, fine arts exhibits and performances, and poster presentations. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship has decided to hold this year's event virtually. This year is also the 26th SSD, and we're very excited to explore a new and innovative format to celebrate the history of student research at GVSU. 

This year, SSD will support recorded presentations, of no more than 30 minutes in length, via the Symposium platform. The presentations will be available for viewing and comment for 2 weeks. These presentations can be poster presentations with a voice over, recorded slide presentations, or a recorded exhibit, performance, or demonstration.

Presentations must be uploaded by April 8th.

Presentation Types

The following information is for pre-recorded presentations. If you are presenting at a live session, please reach out to your mentor for information your presentation.


Poster Tips
  • PDF + Video
  • Create your research poster in PowerPoint, Canva, or other similar programs
  • Save your poster as a PDF
  • Open Zoom, Panopto, or another similar program and share your screen with your poster showing
  • Record your self with or without your webcam turned on (your choice) presenting your poster
  • Make sure to watch the video afterward to make sure there are no issues
  • Upload the video to YouTube, and then upload both the PDF and YouTube link to Symposium


Slide Tips
  • Video Only
  • Create your presentation slides in PowerPoint, Canva, or other similar programs
  • Open Zoom, Panopto, or another similar program and share your screen with your slides showing
  • Record your self with or without your webcam turned on (your choice) giving your presentation
  • Make sure to watch the video afterward to make sure there are no issues
  • Upload the video to YouTube, and then upload the YouTube link to Symposium

Optional format - Lightboard

  • Reserve a timeslot with Digital Studios below
  • Prepare your slides following the template
  • Practice your presentation before your appointment
  • Have your presentation recorded, edited, and ready to upload
  • Example presentation

Exhibition, Performance, or Demonstration

  • Video + video
  • Prepare a video of your performance, art project, or exhibit
  • Prepare another video (2-5 minutes recommended) of yourself describing your project
  • Upload both videos to YouTube and submit the YouTube links to Symposium

Uploading Presentations

Uploading to YouTube

  • Sign in to YouTube or create an account
  • In the top right-hand corner, click CREATE and then click Upload video
  • Select the file you’d like to upload
  • Add a title, description, and thumbnail

Uploading to Symposium

  • Using the SSD 2022 link, sign-up using your email, verify your email, and log in to access the event space (see "Sign Up" link in top right of the webpage).

  • Instructions are included on the submission form to any pertinent sections, but please let us know if you have any questions about the submission form.

  • Make sure to select the relevant presentation type (Poster, Oral, or Exhibition, Performance, or Demonstration), using the above information as a guide.

  • We are asking that you put your recorded presentation on YouTube and provide that link for folks to view. Please share your video via a YouTube link (also indicated on the form). We recommend that the YouTube videos should be set as 'unlisted' following upload so that they don’t appear in any public search (i.e. they are only accessible through the unique link). Here are instructions on how to do that. (These instructions are also included on the form so you will be able to access them from there if needed.)

Presentation Tips


  • Think about your audience - how much will they know about your topic before the presentation?
  • Think about your recording space - it doesn't have to be a professional studio, just make sure your space is free from distractions, and we can see / hear you clearly.
  • Dress for success - use this is an opportunity to present yourself as a professional researcher.
  • Practice your presentation before you record - use friends, family, pets, or whoever you feel comfortable with.

Poster Creation

  • Talk to your mentor about best practices for posters in your field before you begin creating your poster
  • If you would like to use premade poster templates created by OURS, they are available here
Research Poster Tips

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