Student Scholars Day Recorded Presentation Information

Recorded Oral Presentations

The following information is for pre-recorded presentations.

Slide Tips
  • Video Only
  • Create your presentation slides in PowerPoint, Canva, or other similar programs
  • Open Zoom, Panopto, or another similar program and share your screen with your slides showing
  • Record your self with or without your webcam turned on (your choice) giving your presentation
  • Make sure to watch the video afterward to make sure there are no issues
  • Upload the video to YouTube, and then upload the YouTube link to Recorded Presentation Form

Uploading Presentations

Uploading to YouTube

  • Sign in to YouTube or create an account
  • In the top right-hand corner, click CREATE and then click Upload video
  • Select the file you’d like to upload
  • Add a title, description, and thumbnail

Presentation Tips


  • Think about your audience - how much will they know about your topic before the presentation?
  • Think about your recording space - it doesn't have to be a professional studio, just make sure your space is free from distractions, and we can see / hear you clearly.
  • Dress for success - use this is an opportunity to present yourself as a professional researcher.
  • Practice your presentation before you record - use friends, family, pets, or whoever you feel comfortable with.
  • Oral Presentation Guide from GVSU Speech Lab
  • Utilize the GVSU Digital Creator Lab by renting equipment or using a study pod to record your presentation

Page last modified March 12, 2024