Required Information for Registration

The following is the list of information needed to fully register a presentation for Student Scholars Day. Please have this information available prior to visiting the registration site to avoid error and headache. Information will be able to be updated online simply by using the login feature.

  • Name(s) and GVSU student email address(es) of student participant(s)
  • Name(s) and GVSU email address(es) of faculty mentor(s)
  • Title of Presentation
  • Abstract or Artist's Statement describing the project (limit 1000 characters: yes, that includes spaces)
  • Desired time of presentation (You will be able to choose the room and time of your oral presentation according to current availability.)
  • Type of Presentation (Select one from among the following. Selecting the appropriate type of presentation is extremely important as the type of presentation dictates when and where your presentation will be scheduled.) 
    • Oral and/or Visual Presentation (20 minutes, including 5 minutes for Q&A)
    • Poster/Portfolio (Displayed all day; presenter chooses one hour to stand by poster for Q&A)
    • Live Performance (20-60 minutes)
    • 2-D & 3-D Exhibition of Art (Displayed all day; presenter attends Artist Reception 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
    • Film/video (20-60 minutes)
    • Panel (several presentations clustered with a central theme)
    • Other* (SSD will do its best to accommodate any type of presentation)

*If you do not think your presentation fits in the listed categories, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship.

Check back regularly for more information regarding the registration process. Please submit any questions or comments about Student Scholars Day by e-mail at

Page last modified February 2, 2018