Student Scholars Day

SSD April 8, 2015

Date and Time

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Henry Hall Atrium Kirkhof Center Mary Idema Pew Library


Student Scholars Day: A GVSU Tradition

Student Scholars Day (SSD) is held once each year to celebrate the scholarship and creative work performed by GVSU students. The day showcases faculty-mentored student work, shared through many venues, including (but not limited to) oral presentations, discussion and panel sessions, fine arts exhibits and performances, and poster presentations.

Student Scholars Day projects may be initiated as part of a course or as independent collaborations with faculty. GVSU encourages all students to consider enhancing their personal and professional development by engaging in scholarly and creative work with faculty, and sharing your work with the GVSU community.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship is proud to present and host the 20th Annual Student Scholars Day on Wednesday April 8, 2015. This event will showcase over 400 presentations with close to 600 presenters.

We look forward to your participation as presenter, guest, sponsor, volunteer, or committee member.


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