Responsibilities of Faculty Mentor

Faculty Mentor must be actively involved in mentoring the student through all aspects of the project:  project determination and development, execution of project activities, achievement of project outcomes and preparation for presentation.

  • Clarify to the student your specific expectations related to the SSD project.  Refer students to SSD website for additional resources and support
  • Confirm SSD Faculty Mentor designation on SSD Registration website by the registration period deadline

Abstract development

Mentor students through the revision process, checking for content, organization, punctuation, grammar, etc.

  • Refer students to GVSU Writing Center staff for additional support
  • Make final changes to abstract by the registration period deadline

Poster Creation (if applicable)

Mentor students through the design and revision process.

  • Show student examples of appropriate poster content, design and materials
  • Revise poster content prior to final poster creation

Presentation Skills

Mentor students through the creative process by:

  • View and provide constructive feedback for presentation improvement prior to SSD
  • Promote professionalism during presentation
  • Attend student's SSD presentation for support and feedback

Page last modified January 5, 2022