Funding for Faculty Mentors

OURS provides a number of programs and services to both students and faculty. Although we are best known for our Scholar & Fellowship Programs, we also provide direct support for faculty:

Additional Resources for Faculty Mentors

OURS has compiled a number of resources (below) for faculty to utilize as they begin, and continue, to conduct research with undergraduate students. OURS also provides consultations with faculty to develop a plan to engage undergraduate students in aspects of the faculty member’s scholarship. These consultations may include discussions about funding for materials and supplies, designing a research program inclusive of undergraduate students, best practices for mentorship, or writing an external grant supportive of undergraduate students.

CUSE Google Calendar

The CUSE Google Calendar contains all of the OURS & Office of Fellowships program dates and deadlines in an easy-to-read format.

OURS Will Come to You!

OURS staff and Student Ambassadors are ready to present to your class or faculty meeting. See the details on the OURS Presentation Requests page.

Mentor Guidelines

The Mentor Guidelines contain information for faculty to understand their role as a mentor and the responsibilities taken on by a mentor.

Free CUR Membership

Each faculty member at GVSU is provided with the opportunity to become a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) free of cost.

Digital Print Shop

The Digital Print Shop is a valuable resource for students and faculty looking for high-quality, cost-efficient prints of class assignments, personal projects, vinyl stickers and limited-run posters

GVSU Authorship Guidelines

The Authorship Guidelines contains information about how to appropriately recognize faculty and student contributors to a scholarly product.

Research on Undergraduate Research

Here you will find research on undergraduate students about the importance and impact of conducting research. (Coming Soon)

Page last modified February 15, 2022