2019 Climate Survey

Thank you for speaking your truth!

Thank you for joining us in creating a Grand Valley that is welcoming and inclusive for everyone. All reports and presentations related to the myGVSU Climate Survey 2019 are included below. The Division of Inclusion and Equity is available upon request to assist departments and committees in developing strategic actions that respond to the results of the survey. Additionally, departments and committees should share updates on actions/initiatives informed by the data to be posted to gvsu.edu/mygvsu/action. Have a question or comment? Email us at mygvsu@gvsu.edu.

Dear Campus Community,

In November 2019, Grand Valley conducted its sixth campus-wide climate assessment, the myGVSU Climate Survey 2019 – asking faculty, staff, and students to share what it’s like to learn, live and work on campusI am writing today to thank you for your participation and to update you on the next steps for this important project. While we delayed the release of the preliminary findings for reasons explained below, in addition to minimizing communication as we continue to respond to the pandemic, we are now sharing high-level findings after extensive consultation with key constituency groups and given the important work ahead of us with the Network of Advisors for Racial Equity.

In Fall 2019, close to 10,000 individuals (38% of campus) participated in the survey! This far exceeds the national average of 27% campus participation for climate assessments. A high-level summary presentation has been prepared by Qualtrics, our survey administration vendor, is now posted at www.gvsu.edu/mygvsu/2019summary. An interactive dashboard is also available for limited administrative use. Executive and Appointing Officers will receive dashboard access information separately. Others who wish to request dashboard access should contact mygvsu@gvsu.edu

We also awarded professional development and tuition grants to faculty, staff, and student participants at random. Six employees – three faculty and three staff – received $1,000 professional development/research grants and seven students received $2,000 flexible tuition grants. To find out who won, go to www.gvsu.edu/mygvsu/2019.

One unfortunate piece of information to note regarding uncollected data. Upon review of the preliminary results, we found a flaw in the survey. Two questions were inadvertently left off of the final instrument, rendering the data incomplete – sexual orientation and familial status. I have met with several leadership groups representing the LGBT community, as well as the GVSU advisory committee for the survey, and there was a consensus that we need a complete and accurate picture of our campus community. Therefore, we will conduct the survey again in the next academic year as we recover from these unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19. In the meantime, focus groups are planned for the fall to collect meaningful data with members of our community not currently represented in the myGVSU Climate Survey 2019. Our hope is that the focus groups will recapture the stories that were lost in the survey and help to inform the faculty, staff, and student Action Groups that will be formed in Fall 2020.

Please know we truly appreciate your participation, understanding, and patience. I hope we can count on your support again when the survey is deployed in the next academic year. Please send any comments or suggestions to me at mygvsu@gvsu.edu.  

I am looking forward to the work that we will engage in, together, to make Grand Valley an even better place to learn, live, and work. Thank you again for your participation and meaningful insights.

Be safe and stay connected.

Very sincerely,

Jesse M. Bernal, Ph.D.
Vice President for Inclusion and Equity
Executive Associate for Presidential Initiatives

Action Team Reports

Summary of Recommendations - In progress

Faculty Action Team Report - In progress

Staff Action Team Report - In progress

Student Action Team Report - In progress

Participation Rates (2019 and National Average)




National Average

Undergraduate Students*



Graduate Students*



All Students









All Employees






*Note students did not have to specify whether they were an undergraduate or graduate student. This is why the overall student response rate is higher than these two specific rates.

Climate action team recommendation updates are posted to gvsu.edu/mygvsu/action.