Career Connections to 2023 Events

Why should students learn about careers in STEM?

Careers in STEM offer opportunities to use a wide range of skills that include math, science, technology, and engineering (STEM) — and beyond. STEM careers have the potential to engage students in critical thinking, problem-solving, practical literacy, creativity, and much more, every day.

Science Olympiad was designed to help students build STEM skills and understanding through inquiry-based challenges, starting in kindergarten all the way through high school. MSO engages industry professionals, institutions of higher education, community mentors, and Science Olympiad alumni to ensure that this programming prepares students for the latest scientific innovations and breakthroughs and prepares them for what’s next.

This content was developed to help students connect out-of-school time learning and participation in Michigan Science Olympiad tournaments to future careers in STEM. 

Anatomy & Physiology

Biomedical engineers

What does a Biomedical Engineer do?



What does an Astronomer do?

Bio Process Lab

Bio Process

A short video on a typical day as a biochemist.


Civil Engineering

What does a Civil Engineer do?

Can't Judge a Powder

What does a Chemical Engineer do

What does a Chemical Engineer do?

Cell Biologist

What does a Microbiologist Do?

Air Chemist

Atmospheric Chemistry

Seismologist Lucy Jones

What does a Seismologist Do?

Forensic Scientist

Forensic Scientist





Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator



Conservation Scientist

Conservation Scientists

Green Generation

Green Generation

A short video of a day in the life of an environmental scientist.

Atmospheric Scientist


Careers that align with the MSO event Meteorology

Atmospheric Scientist


Road Scholar

Careers that align with the MSO event Road Scholar


Mining Engineer

Mining Engineer Intern

Civil engineer

Roller Coaster

Careers that align with the MSO event Roller Coaster

Civil Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Aerospace engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Sound engineer

Sound Engineer

Architectural Engineering

Storm the Castle

Careers that align with the MSO event Storm the Castle

Architectural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers

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