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Welcome new and returning coaches from Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa county schools!

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Participation Certificates

Team member tournament participation certificates may be available upon request. Please email [email protected] .


Previous Year

2021 Division B

1st place: Lakeshore Middle School

2nd place: Riley Street Middle School

3rd place: Allendale Middle School

4th place: White Pines Intermediate

5th place: Northern Hills Middle School

6th place: Chandler Woods Charter Academy

7th place: Plymouth Christian Middle School

8th place: Forest Hills Central Middle School

2021 Division C

1st place: Grand Haven High School

2nd place: East Grand Rapids High School

3rd place: West Michigan Aviation Academy

4th place: Allendale High School

5th place: Plymouth Christian High School

6th place: Jenison High School

7th place: Forest Hills Central High School

8th place: Hudsonville High School

2021 Science Olympiad button

2021 Science Olympiad Button

2021 Region 12 Thank you!

2021 Region 12 Thank you!

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