Tess Armstrong

Tess Armstrong

Twitter: @Tess_arm_strong

Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education

Office: KHS 4411
Phone: (616) 331-9368
Email: [email protected]

Winter 2024 Office Hours: On Sabbatical. Please contact CLAS advising with urgent issues at [email protected]  or (616) 331-8585 or the Movement Science Office at [email protected] or (616) 331-3515.

B.S. Human Movement, Boston University
M.S. Elementary Education, Colorado University
Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of New Mexico

Research Interests:
Increased opportunities for physical activity
Measuring student outcomes in physical education
Dance in physical education

Courses Taught:
HPE 200 Teaching Dance
HPE 207 Personal Health and Wellness
HPE 240 Teaching Health Related Fitness
HPE 264 Teaching Early Childhood Movement and Health
HPE 266 Move, Dance, Learn! PE and Dance for Elementary Education
HPE 306 Teaching Elementary Physical Education
EDI 432 Student Teaching Seminar

Why I Became a Physical Educator:
I grew up playing multiple sports at really competitive levels. I initially was attracted to physical education because I wanted to teach in a high school and coach. Through my undergraduate program, I ended up having amazing elementary mentors, and I couldn’t imagine teaching any other level. I am passionate about laying a strong foundation for movement, and I am grateful to have worked with so many students along my teaching journey.

What I Love Most About Our Program:
Our health and physical education is really comprehensive. What I love the most is working with students who came into the program for similar reasons as I did. Many HPE majors want to coach in the future, and they typically aren’t aware of what a high quality physical education program looks like. Our students are writing journal articles, presenting at conferences, and are confident future teachers. I am so proud to be a part of this program!

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